Why I moved to Nepal for Free a Child

Hello! My name is Fiona Dyson. After “retiring” from my position as a managing partner in an educational consulting firm, I became a full time mom and started my volunteering career in my local community. My husband and I have raised two wonderful children in the United States, who are now grown up and going to university.

The headlines from education aid agencies and watchdog groups in Nepal are unsettling. They do not need to sensationalize; they are disturbing enough.

The political wrangling that goes on in the United States and Nepal would be entertaining if real people’s lives weren’t hanging in the balance.

We are ardent supporters of education, which we believe is the cornerstones of a thriving democracy, economy and social liberty. When relocating to Katmandu, Nepal, my husband and I chose to work for Free a Child because their direct giving model is simple and effective.

A small donation of just $20 a month not only ensures a child goes to school but is enough to save them from becoming a slave or as they’re known in Nepal kamalari.

Good education should be a human right. It needs to be financially supported at the local level, where it counts most. By giving parents money to use how it best suits them. Buying a bicycle, paying for gasoline for a scooter, paying school fess, buying food or anything else that makes sending their child to school a reality.

If you have school-age children, how would you answer this question: How Many Years of Your Child’s Education are You Willing to Sacrifice?

If the answer is a resounding NONE! Then that’s exactly the same answer Nepalese families tell me. Prepare to challenge your thinking about people in Nepal. They want their children educated, they know it’s their only chance to have a good life. Decide what you can do to help, donate or volunteer for Free a Child; for the future of all our children.

That is why I joined Free a Child, they want to keep communities and families together by providing direct financial support.

I look forward to writing more about how my Team in Nepal has helped Children go to school and have a future.

Written by Fiona Dyson, one of our Team Leaders in Nepal.

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