Our Mission

Free a Child Mission Statement

Free a Child is a direct giving charity, we believe parents and caregivers take better care of their children than governments and NGOs. We believe education is the only way for children in developing countries to end the cycle of poverty. So we give $1 a day to parents and caregivers for everyday their child goes to school.

We do not discriminate, we have only one condition to receive payment, children are attending school. Parents and caregivers usually receive a guaranteed income of $20 a month. This financial incentive brings more children into schools, freeing them from child labor in some cases. It improves the financial security for the child’s carers and family bonds.

Where children don’t have legal guardians and are completely on their own we give to other local charities to get them responsible carers.

Free a Child is a Charitable Humanitarian Organization with active projects in Cambodia, China and Nepal. In the near future more projects with the same mission will be set up in countries suffering from the worse extremes of child poverty.

Your support, backed by rigorous research, helps:

  • reduce street begging.
  • reduce childhood drug exposure and use.
  • reduce exploitation.
  • reduce children in orphanages who have parents.
  • reduce child labor.
  • reduce the poverty trap.
  • improve financial security for parents.
  • improve heath care.
  • improve working conditions for parents.
  • improve nourishment.
  • improve school attendance.
  • improve long term life prospects.
  • improve children’s ability to budget and make long term financial decisions.


In some rare circumstances where a legal guardian can’t be found we give the $1 a day payment direct to children. So far the youngest child has been 11 years old. She was found in a small village in Cambodia estranged from her family, she had been doing odd jobs for villagers to pay for her own schooling. Our volunteers were immediately impressed and proud of what she had been doing, getting money by babysitting, taking care of live stock, preparing meals, working in rice paddies etc. all to go to school and improve her prospects.

Our volunteers worked hard to find her family who unfortunately made it clear they were unable or unwilling to take care of her. In these unusual circumstance we arranged to have her school collect payment from us of $1 a day and give her the change after school fees. This has given the girl much joy, freeing her from doing unplasent jobs and greatly increasing her confidence.

Please don’t underestimate how much and how far $1 can go in rural impoverished communities around the world. The security of even a very low income (by first world standards) can give children the confidence to say no to exploitation and time to focus on learning. A monthly donation of just $20 frees one child from the cycle of poverty and lets them make a better future for themselves.